Clayton Bellamy Band Clayton Bellamy Band

I can't say that Clayton Bellamy Band's self-titled release is my glass of homebrew. Despite the outlaw image, Clayton Bellamy Band is rather mainstream Southern rock-ish country with a radio friendly attitude. That's not to say this is dreadful, or without merit, it just doesn't stand out. The opening track, "Long Way To Houston," is pleasant enough and "Devil's Charm" is reminiscent of Charlie Daniels' similar ode. All the bases are covered but Clayton and the boys have yet to hit a home run. The Alberta foursome's cover of Steve Earle's "I Love You Too Much" will get folks dancing, but will they remember the band the morning after? The lyrics don't ask for much either. The Clayton Bellamy Band work hard and it shows; what they're working at, however, remains to be seen. (Independent)