Clan of Xymox Subsequent Pleasures

This CD is a re-issue of an album that had a limited vinyl run of 500 copies back in 1984 as an independent release. The band did not see this recording as serious and regarded it more as a learning process. Clan of Xymox were signed to 4AD not long after and a single from Subsequent Pleasures, "Muscoviet Mosquito" was featured on the 4AD compilation Lonely is an Eyesore. Now that this reissue is in pristine shape, I haven't been as excited about a re-release since Joy Division's archived BBC material. Eerie vocals, ethereal guitar playing, new wave keyboard, head bobbing electronic percussion and lyrics that retain the kind of melodrama anyone can get into. This is a must-have album for fans of Joy Division, early New Order, the Cure, or the 4AD sound. Despite the elapsed years, the music on Subsequent Pleasures has not diminished its savour. (Metropolis)