Clams Casino Announces EP for Tri Angle and LP on Type

BY Josiah HughesPublished Apr 15, 2011

With production work credited for the likes of Lil B and even Soulja Boy, New Jersey-based beat-maker Clams Casino is truly one of the most unique artists today. While rappers embrace his additively messy beats, his instrumentals hold their own as now-sounding electronic works. Its fitting, then, that the artist would have solo releases coming out on both Tri Angle and Type.

 First off is the Rainforest EP, a five-song collection due for release on Tri Angle this summer. A press release explains that "these songs have always existed purely as instrumentals," meaning Lil B hasn't dropped any weirdo freestyles on them just yet.

The Rainforest EP will be available from Tri Angle on June 27. The cover is above and the tracklisting is available below, while EP track "Gorilla" can be downloaded here courtesy of Pitchfork. While it might be a bad thing to say in 2011, it definitely has a vague witch house feel.

In addition to the EP, Clams Casino's excellent mixtape of instrumentals will be getting the vinyl treatment from Type, home to the likes of Rene Hell and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. The timeframe of the release is somewhat vague, but Clams recently told the Village Voice that it would be limited to 500 vinyl copies. In the same quote, he mentioned a recent track he did with E-40, further proving his insane crossover appeal.

While you await the details of the vinyl version, Clams Casino's Instrumental Mixtape can be downloaded here.


1. "Natural"

2. "Treetop"

3. "Waterfalls"

4. "Drowning"

5. "Gorilla"

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