The City Streets 'Pretenders' (album stream)

The City Streets 'Pretenders' (album stream)
Pretenders is a bittersweet album for the City Streets, since it represents the band's final LP before calling it quits. The Montreal-via-Edmonton indie rock outfit's swan song arrives on May 14; until then, you can stream the entire 15-song collection on

The album was recorded with Jesse Gander (Japandroids, White Lung) at the Hive near Vancouver. Inspirations include Big Star and Red House Painters, as well as the band's own tumultuous history.

Much of the material draws on folk traditions while also delving into spikier and more atmospheric terrain. "White Lies" pairs grim melodies and threatening riffs with lyrics about First Nations exploitation, while "Back in Nashville" is steeped in country-inspired prettiness, and opener "One Last Moment Sometime" overlays sweetly chiming guitar licks with chaotic percussion.

Listen to the album below, and expect frontman Rick Reid and bassist Matt Leddy to continue to perform together under the name Eternal Husbands.

Pretenders will be released as a free download on the band's website on May 14. For those who purchase the album for $10, they will also receive our 30-song collection of B-sides called Courageously Failing, which spans between 2005 and 2012.