Citizen Kane Deliverance

Despite issuing some of the most consistent material for the past few years, Citizen Kane remain underrated purveyors of beats and rhymes. With efforts like “Structure, Foundation,” “Black Rain” and “Reality & Facts,” MCs J-Spade and Rob Blye developed their brand of street smarts. Deliverance trims the fat and maintains their previous high level of quality control. Of immediate note is Fin-S’s production work. His taste for cryptic sound sources is exemplified on current single “Monopoly Money.” Seemingly anchored by a nifty harp loop punctuated by a cry of “Do It!,” the track looks set to finally give the crew some deserved attention. Over the clean and precise beats, J-Spade and Rob Blye frankly impart life lessons gleaned from autobiographical reflections on past mistakes. “Soldier Story” is particularly notable, where self-doubt and the uneasiness of dealing with change creep to the surface. Although a robotic voice that appears between tracks really starts to irk after a while, it’s a minor indiscretion on a well-executed project. (Treehouse)