Citizen Fish/ Leftover Crack Deadline

This is a good example of what a split record should be: two bands that, while not completely dissimilar, each bring something different to the table. Citizen Fish start off Deadline. The band, which contains members of Subhumans UK, are definitely the more danceable of the two. Horns aplenty litter their five originals and two covers, along with Dick Lucas’s distinct vocals and political lyrics. The band perform covers of Leftover Crack’s "Clear Channel (Fuck Off!)” and LoC alumni Choking Victim’s "Money.” Both interpretations are adequate and enjoyable. Leftover Crack introduce their side of this split with a skit featuring Dave Dictor of Millions of Dead Cops fame. The music kicks in with Stza and company’s traditional brand of anger and sarcasm over grimy-sounding ska guitar. Jello Biafra contributes a heart-felt, acidic rant to "Baby Punchers,” one of the more inspiring moments of the record. LoC contribute covers of Citizen Fish’s "Supermarket Song” and Subhumans’ "Reason for Existence.” One of the more interesting moments on the second half of Deadline is "World War 4.” This track sees LoC reaching a new level of musical maturity with the inclusion of (dare I say) poppy vocals. The disparate elements of their usual gritty sound and their new poppy side make for a powerful moment. (Fat Wreck)