Circlesquare Returns With New Album in January

Circlesquare Returns With New Album in January
Following a prolonged spell of silence, Vancouver’s pop noir posterboy Circlesquare is setting up for Songs About Dancing and Drugs. On January 27, the producer also known as Jeremy Shaw will drop this new full-length collection, which will mark his first in five years and, in the words of the press release, be an album of "ambient music with an anti-pop brain and a rock'n'roll heart," which in our opinion sounds pretty sweet.

Songs About Dancing and Drugs will follow up Circlesquare’s last full-length effort, 2003’s Pre-Earthquake Anthem , and this time will come courtesy of the illustrious !K7 imprint. Previously, Boompa handled Circlesquare’s releases here in Canada, but it is unclear at this point if the label will be doing the same with this one.

There are no live dates currently listed for Circlesquare, but we’re guessing we’ll be seeing some announced shortly.

In the meantime, here is the tracklisting for Songs About Dancing and Drugs:

1. "Hey You Guys”
2. "Dancers”
3. "Timely”
4. "Music for Satellites”
5. "Ten to One”
6. "Bombs Away, Away”
7. "Stop Taking (So Many)”
8. "All Live but the Ending”

Circlesquare "Fight Sounds”