Circle Research Substance

For their third twelve-inch in support of Mulligan Stew, Circle Research’s Nix the Finger Prince and Astro the Guillotine have chosen to highlight "Substance,” the song most likely to get them attention thanks to appearances from Head Bop recording artists Mike Swift, Ken Boogaloo and Sub-conscious. These Americans have the greatest name-recognition, and the organ-heavy Astro beat is closest to conforming to the sounds of underground rap radio. But it’s not really the best song on the twelve-inch (or album). On "I’m Not,” a catchy, whistle-while-you-work beat from Nix anchors D-Sisive’s scathing card-pulling that is short and sweet. On the flip side, JSN JNS and Paul Ryger get rugged and rough on a reggae-inflected, Nix production for "Wicked Man.” JSN JNS demonstrates why Oddities were justified in adding him to their line-up, while Paul Ryger freaks a smooth freestyle. You’ll hear it for "Substance” but you’ll buy it for "Wicked Man” and "I’m Not.” (Do Right!)