Circa Survive Sign to Sumerian Records, Announce 'Violent Waves' Deluxe Edition

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Aug 15, 2014

After going the independent route the last few years, Philadelphia post-hardcore combo Circa Survive have inked a deal with Sumerian Records, which will kick off the new partnership by delivering a deluxe reissue of the band's 2012 LP, Violent Waves.

A press release from the label confirms that a mach 2.0 edition lands September 9, with the original album now being packaged with a live concert DVD. The album will apparently be preserved in its original 11-song sequence, while the live DVD features a 19-song performance captured at Los Angeles' the Shrine last December.

A trailer for the film includes shots of the band playing for the sold-out crowd, explaining that the concert had the band joined throughout the night by Touché Amoré's Jeremy Bolm and Animals as Leaders' Tosin Abasi, and adds that the DVD also includes music videos for Violent Waves' "Suitcase" and "Sharp Practice." You'll find the trailer beneath the deluxe edition's tracklisting.

The press release notes that Circa Survive are currently working on a new album and have plans to announce a headlining tour sometime soon. While the band haven't issued a full-length since 2012, earlier this year they teamed up with emo legends Sunny Day Real Estate for a Record Store Day 7-inch.

Violent Waves:

1. Birth of the Economic Hit Man
2. Sharp Practice
3. Suitcase (ft. Rachel Minton)
4. The Lottery (ft. Geoff Rickly)
5. My Only Friend
6. Phantasmagoria
7. Think of Me When They Sound
8. Brother Song
9. Bird Sounds
10. Blood from a Stone
11. I'll Find a Way

  Live at the Shrine setlist:

1. Sleep Underground
2. Holding Someone's Hair Back
3. In the Morning and Amazing
4. Act Apalled
5. Birth of the Economic Hitman
6. Sharp Practice
7. Glass Arrows (ft. Jeremy Bolm)
8. The Great Golden Baby
9. The Glorious Nosebleed (ft. Tosin Abasi)
10. Frozen Creek
11. Suitcase
12. Living Together
13. In Fear and Faith
14. Stop the Fuckin' Car
15. The Difference Between Medicine and Poison is the Dose
16. House of Leaves
17. Battle, My Love

18. I Felt Free
19. Get Out

Bonus Videos:

1. Suitcase
2. Sharp Practice

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