Cinematic Orchestra Explore Avant-Garde Filmmakers for 'In Motion #1'

Cinematic Orchestra Explore Avant-Garde Filmmakers for 'In Motion #1'
Long-running UK trip-hop/classical innovators the Cinematic Orchestra are clearly obsessed with film. From their band name to the fact that most of their projects have some sort of visual element, there's no denying that they love them some movies. That's why it comes as no surprise that their next album will be a collection of songs inspired by classic avant-garde films.

The new release is called In Motion #1 and sees Orchestra mastermind Jason Swinscoe compiling works inspired by filmmakers like René Clair and Peter Tscherkassky. This includes the Cinematic Orchestra themselves alongside Austin, Peralta, Dorian Concept, Tom Chant and Grey Reverend.

On June 30, the whole group of musicians will perform this work together at London's Barbicon. In a press release, Swinscoe explains, "It's a rare thing to get so much talent onto the same stage, focused and bringing great new interpretations to classic and future classic films."

Those of us who aren't across the pond can simply enjoy In Motion #1 when it's released via the Cinematic Orchestra's Ninja Tune offshoot Motion Audio on June 26.

In Motion #1:

1. The Cinematic Orchestra "Necrology" (Standish Lawder)
2. Austin Peralta "Lapis" (James Whitney)
3. Dorian Concept & Tom Chant "Outer Space" (Peter Tscherkassky)
4. Dorian Concept & Tom Chant "Dream Work" (Peter Tscherkassky)
5. The Cinematic Orchestra "Entr'acte" (René Clair)
6. Grey Reverend "Regen" (Joris Ivens)
7. The Cinematic Orchestra "Manhatta" (Charles Sheeler / Paul Strand)