Ciara "That's How I'm Feelin'" (ft. Missy Elliott & Pitbull)

Ciara 'That's How I'm Feelin'' (ft. Missy Elliott & Pitbull)
There are even more pre-release goodies to enjoy off of R&B vet Ciara's upcoming Jackie, this time in the form of a vibrant, get-to-know-ya track called "That's How I'm Feelin'."

The song rolls along via an old-school electro pace and powerful, staccato keyboard lines. Ciara spends the first bit of the tune trying to keep it chill as she gets to know someone new, but cops to "shaking a little" around the boy. Weighing in with their own narratives are Pitbull, who wants to please a prospective love in a "private place," and Missy Elliott, who drops it low and does a cartwheel to show her interest.

You can discover the danceable track down below, while the rest of Jackie lands May 4 through Epic.