Chrystyna Marie Loaded Gun

Chrystyna Marie Loaded Gun
Toronto-born blues-rock crooner Chrystyna Marie has gone independent for her new EP, Loaded Gun, a smooth collection of tracks that showcase her powerful voice amidst crisp instrumentation.
The release begins with the title track, an attitude-laden romp through a tumultuous relationship whose strong rhythm section underscores the song's drive as Marie sings, "Your love is a loaded gun / 'Cause I don't need six shots, I only need just one." "Down The Road" sends Loaded Gun into bluesier territory, keyboards and southern guitar providing a curious introduction. Marie croons about her demons as "the devil sharpens his knife," and harmonized voices accompany her as she soars through the chorus.
Her music has a delicate side as well, expressed in the dramatic and poppy "No More," on which the drama is heightened by orchestral accompaniment. Closer "The Tower" is stripped back, resting on chiming keyboard and guitar as Marie sings of a storm breaking and "[leaving] behind everything [she] thought [she] knew." The music finds her at peace while facing great changes in her life.
On Loaded Gun EP, Chrystyna Marie invites us to experience her melding of genres and hear the imagery-rich stories she tells in her songs. What's to come seems sure to prove just as enlightening. (Independent)