Johnny Jewel Details 'Home' Soundtrack, Shares New ​Chromatics Video

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Sep 28, 2016

We've been eagerly anticipating Chromatics' in-the-works Dear Tommy LP for quite some time now, and although any firm release plans have yet to be revealed, there is some new material from the band to help tide fans over.
A new track called "Magazine" and its accompanying video have arrived. It's not a Dear Tommy cut, but it will appear on the Johnny Jewel-scored soundtrack to Belgian film Home. The soundtrack features new and previously unreleased cuts from Chromatics and Jewel's Symmetry project, as well as original score work from Johnny Jewel. The soundtrack will be released digitally on October 14 through Italians Do It Better.
You can see the full tracklisting for the upcoming film-affiliated project down below. Beyond that, check out the new video for lead track "Magazine," featuring footage from the Fien Troch-directed film.
Home OST:
1. Chromatics: "Magazine"
2. Chromatics: "Paradise"
3. Symmetry: "The Magician"
4. Symmetry: "Alligator"
5. Symmetry: "Countdown"
6. Chromatics: "Running From the Sun (End Credits Version)"
7. Johnny Jewel: "Home"
8. Johnny Jewel: "Subdivisions"
9. Johnny Jewel: "Trust"
10. Johnny Jewel: "Remorse"
11. Johnny Jewel: "Endless"
12. Johnny Jewel: "Isolation"
13. Johnny Jewel: "Decay"
14. Johnny Jewel: "Youth"

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