'Chromatica' Is Lady Gaga's Grand Return to the Dance Floor

'Chromatica' Is Lady Gaga's Grand Return to the Dance Floor
After what seems like a lifetime, Lady Gaga is back with her sixth studio album, Chromatica. The initial release date was pushed back over a month due to current global affairs, but the anticipation only intensified for Gaga's triumphant return to the dance floor.

The record radiates '90s nostalgia by including sonic influences from the golden age of dance music. Song's like "Stupid Love," "Free Woman" and "Enigma" bridge together decades from the past, while still incorporating Gaga's signature lyrical intelligence. Beneath the layers of synthesizers and drum machines, you get raw and emotional lyrics disguised as a night out on the town.

Channelling her emotions like never before, Gaga's lyrics place an emphasis on personal growth and humanity. "Sine from Above," featuring Elton John, dives deep into her relationship with a higher power, while "911" deals with the battles of addiction and mental illness.

Gaga has had no shame in admitting that multiple writers and producers left their mark on these songs. Having too many writers and producers can sometimes be seen as a negative, but Gaga wanted to ensure each track was combed through until it was absolutely perfect. Her decision to include Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK and Elton John also demonstrated her ability to attract far-reaching audiences spanning across multiple genres. This album is an example of collaboration at its finest. 

For more than a decade, Lady Gaga has encouraged us to 'just dance' regardless of the pain hidden deep within ourselves. While she may have veered off from her own advice over the past few years, Chromatica proves that Gaga is back and better than ever.