Christopher Owens "I'll Be There" (Jackson 5 cover) (video)

Christopher Owens 'I'll Be There' (Jackson 5 cover) (video)
Though Christopher Owens is in the midst of spreading A New Testament to the faithful, he's apparently also willing to deliver some old-school R&B sermons. Chiefly, the solo artist took time to stop by the University of Minnesota's Radio K to deliver a version of the Jackson 5's "I'll Be There."

As you'll discover in the video down below, Owens is the only person tackling the track, making this a more intimate variation of the 1970 original. Armed with a Rickenbacker, he gently strums and plucks his way through the love song, and uses a shushed vocal tone deeper, naturally, the pre-puberty MJ.

You'll find the timid and tender redo down below.