Christian Death Lover of Sin

Irate female yelling dominates Christian Death's latest, Lover of Sin, (and if she's the nearly naked gal with the wrist shackles and severed leg on the inner sleeve or the rotting lady on the cover, I can see why she's irate). Embodying misanthropic tendencies, the band offers the expected electronic/speed metal combination with a decent dose of gore. Recent addition Maitri performs vocals and bass, while Savatage singer Damond Jinya provides a male voice. Tribal drums and Eastern melodies offer a contrasting accent here and there. But despite all it has going for it, Lover of Sin is actually pretty boring. Until it becomes annoying, that is, and Maitri's monotones make you want to rip your ears off your head. The choice: let Christian Death ease your masochistic desires, or deliver yourself from torture. It's your call. (Candlelight)