Chris Warren Beautiful Ruins

Really there is nothing with more beauty than a ruin — it preserves the memory of its venerable past and offers a new transformation as an ever-changing nature-worn art installation. Chris Warren understands this and, on his sophomore record, examines the beautiful ruins, and the ruined beauty, surrounding his own life. Warren has eulogised in song everything from specific characters on Toronto's streets ("Hole on Bloor St.") and his cat ("Yaffe's in Her Twilight Years") to the entire human race ("All of You Hairless Apes"). But don't go thinking this is a grave affair. Warren's storytelling agility and experimental ear keep things light and exciting. His voice, a sort of older and higher pitched Kyp Harness (indeed, some may call it a beautiful ruin), is matched by a worldwide array of instrumentation, sometimes reminiscent of Bruce Cockburn's Breakfast in New Orleans era. Let's hope Chris goes on to ruin more songs. (Urban Myth)