Chris Martin Says Eco-Conscious Touring Makes "Business Sense"

"Being clean and green isn't some charitable, left-wing, wishy-washy thing"

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Dec 29, 2023

As long as bespoke stage pylons aren't part of the plan, plotting a tour of environmentally conscious shows doesn't have to bankrupt you, according to Chris Martin.

The Coldplay bandleader and Harry Styles' latest fashion muse opened up about reducing their concert emissions by nearly half to Ellie Goulding on BBC Radio 4's Today on Thursday (December 28). While also being better for the planet, Martin said that Coldplay's ethos to touring also makes financial sense.

"What we're trying to do is actually not advocate at all, but just prove that it makes business sense because that's where we feel you'll really get people to change, like 'Hey you can make more money,'" he said, adding that he thinks cutting costs is many people's "primary consideration."

After saying he believes most people who have the "luxury" to care about the environment pay attention to their carbon footprint, Martin spoke on taking politics out of eco-friendly touring: "We're really trying to show on this tour that being clean and green isn't some charitable, left-wing, wishy-washy thing. It's like, 'No, no, this is the best business sense, too.'"

So, does this mean those Coldplay coat hangers you can buy are made from sustainably sourced, recycled wood too? We sure hope so.

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