Chris Lowe The Black Life

A relic from an era or two past, ’80s beat trooper Chris Lowe first made his mark as the main man behind Stezo’s landmark Crazy Noise. History has never really given Lowe the kind of credit that he deserves, and The Black Life LP, running the sonic gamut between the block-rocking big beats of 1989 and the Ginsu-cleaved loops of 2004, is his big payback. Making his presence felt behind a mic for the first time, Lowe launched his comeback in the late ’90s with a series of buzz-worthy singles, all of which are featured here. Most notable among these is 1999's "Uncut Action,” a snappy exchange with Large Professor that highlights what is both Lowe's greatest asset and flaw as a vocalist — that he sounds a heck of a lot like Large Professor. Those similarities aside, the New Haven, Connecticut representative hits each track with swagger and the intensity of someone gunning for your job. Whether he’s paying homage to the JVC Force by recreating "Strong Island” or ninja-footing around the guitar twangs of "Streetwatch,” Lowe is determined to make sure you remember his name this time. (Female Fun)