Chris Jongkind Tokai

London, Ontario via Tokyo, Japan electronic composer Chris Jongkind has self-released a winning effort with his latest disc, Tokai. Over the course of nine solid tracks, Jongkind glides and two-steps through an insular but never too claustrophobic tunnel of minimal techno that occasionally recalls Underworld, Ryuichi Sakamato and Richie Hawtin, without ever sounding too outdated. "Sumiyoshi” gets things moving at the right pace, stacking layer upon layer of rhythm as it rolls along. With "1534” Jongkind takes things into an Eastern, spiritual mood before the driving "Elemental” arrives to cruise the late-night streets of the city’s infrastructure. The backward slipping beats of "Caretta Shiodome” are definitely one of Tokai’s high points, as is the slowed-down, Giorgio Moroder workout on the slow-burning closer, "Shin Ueno.” By harkening back to the various golden ages of techno, Jongkind has crafted a strong album of measured intensity and groovy depth that demands repeated spins at loud volume. (Shiodome)