Chris Brown Releases New "What Would You Do?" Single

Chris Brown Releases New 'What Would You Do?' Single
Less than a day after Chris Brown was released from jail, stemming from charges of assault with a deadly weapon, the R&B singer has released a new single titled "What Would You Do?"

The song arrived through Soundcloud tonight (August 31), and is the first new material from the artist since his arrest yesterday, following his stand-off with police after allegedly pulling a gun on a guest in his home.

Above a mix of house-pop synths and pitch-shifted vocal samples, Brown sings: "I've got some questions, some questions for you / I need some answers, answers from you / What do you do, fighting for your life when no one's on your side? / I can't stand to lose you, see you're in too deep with nowhere to hide."

It's unclear if the song's release has been timed to reflect yesterday's events or not. Regardless, you can stream the piece down below.

As previously reported, Baylee Curran had called 911 on Tuesday saying that Brown had threatened her with a gun at his L.A. home. The authorities surrounded his house, leading to an hours-long debacle that eventually found police obtaining a search warrant and bringing the singer in for assault with a deadly weapon.

Brown was released on $250,000 bail this morning, and is set to appear in court on September 20. His attorney, Mark Geragos, had tweeted that Curran's allegations against Brown are "demonstrably false."