Chris Brown Albums Defaced with "This Man Beats Women" Stickers

BY Alex HudsonPublished Sep 14, 2012

Drake isn't the only one who's mad at Chris Brown these days. The R&B singer made a lot of enemies back in 2009 with the highly publicized assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna. He's still facing a backlash from that incident, and copies of his latest album, Fortune, were recently targeted in an apparent campaign against domestic violence.

Gigwise points out that protesters targeted copies of Brown's 2012 album at HMV stores in London, UK. As the photo above shows, someone has defaced the albums with bright yellow stickers bearing the message, "Warning: do not buy this album! This man beats women."

It's unknown whether this was the work of an individual or a protest group, but the purpose of the stickers speaks for itself. It's also unclear how many records were stickered in the UK.

Brown's name has been in the tabloids a lot lately. Last month, he and Drake were sued for $16 million after a New York nightclub brawl, which apparently stemmed for their previous relationships with Rihanna.

More recently, Brown has been sporting a new tattoo of a woman's face on his neck. Critics have claimed that the face resembles that of a injured Rihanna, while Brown's rep denied this in a statement to TMZ.

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