Chitlin' Fooks Chitlin' Fooks

This country side project for Bettie Serveert's Carol Van Dyk, which she co-fronts with male sidekick Pascal Deweze, doesn't come across as anything more than a pleasant distraction from Van Dyk's vastly underrated day job. From their name on down, the Chitlin' Fooks seem to be a clinical homage to Americana country rather than something intrinsic. This is evident in original songs that pay obvious debt to Bob Dylan melodies and a predictable cover of Gram Parsons, but things get really weird when this Dutch band covers Jimmie Rodgers' "Mississippi Delta Blues": "I love to hear those darkies sing those old melodies." That said, Van Dyk's singing is just as captivating in a non-rock setting and the rest of the band is certainly competent, just not very exciting. (Parasol)