Chiodos Bone Palace Ballet

Chiodos’s musical compositions never fit neatly in one genre. Easily tagged a screamo band, they feature a range of electronic beats converging with metal guitar riffs and touched with poppy, melodic vocals and occasional breakdowns. Bone Palace Ballet has the signs of a band looking to shed the tainted screamo tag and show a more distinguished palate of musical influences. It’s obvious that Chiodos haven’t completely changed their sound, rather tweaked and polished it. "Teeth the Size of Piano Keys” shows the addition of violins, piano and Craig Owens’ vocal range, which can be found throughout this dark audio soiree. They have kept their muscle from the last album and show it off with "If I Cut My Hair Hawaii Will Sink” and "The Undertaker’s Thirst For Revenge Is Unquenchable.” With the combination of soft vocals, subtle violins, piano and a reserved drum line, "Intensity In Ten Cities” establishes itself as the first through and through pop ballad. Though this band are trying to innovate with their sound, the overuse of violins and piano is very repetitive and wears out its welcome. It’s definitely hard to put Chiodos in one genre or another but their music speaks volumes for itself in orchestral crafted, pop-influenced, post-hardcore musical satisfaction. (Equal Vision)