Chin D'Tach

While most would likely recognize Chin Injeti from his days with Juno Award-winning trio Bass Is Bass back in the early '90s, the hardworking singer/producer has been on a serious underground grind behind the likes of everyone from Dre and Nas to Hot Hot Heat ever since. But despite the long list of rock and rap heavy hitters filling his résumé, his latest solo endeavour, D'Tach, is a decidedly stripped-down affair led by Chin's less-is-more, percussive guitar style. The multifaceted musician delves into the emotional successes and constant struggles common to all relationships to create tunes like the resolute "Separated" and ready-made torch song "Love Is Not War." Touches of tabla taps, harmonium inflections, up-front bass lines and reverb effects provide some of the record's more memorable moments. However, an insistence on made-for-TV emotional chorus melodies and campfire cuts like "Fiya Fiya" fall a bit flat and, in the end, may prove a little too syrupy for some ears. (Sparks)