The Child of Lov Gets Damon Albarn, DOOM and Thundercat for Debut LP

The Child of Lov Gets Damon Albarn, DOOM and Thundercat for Debut LP
Not too much is known about one-man funk project the Child of Lov, but the musician will let his music speak for itself this spring when he unleashes his self-titled debut LP for Domino offshoot Double Six Records on May 6.

A press release explains that the 10-song set includes the European performer's previously released singles "Heal" and "Give Me," and was recorded at Damon Albarn's Studio 13 in London. Albarn also performs on "One Day," while masked rapper DOOM and Thundercat also contributed to the LP. You can see the tracklisting and an album trailer featuring a preview of new tune "Fly" down below.

While the artist has retained a lot of the personal info about himself, a bio explains that he's been making music since he was 15 and is now in his early 20s. Musically, he takes cues from funk figures like D'Angelo and Prince, as well as R&B icons Little Richard, Otis Redding and James Brown.

Though a few guests popped by on the LP, the Child of Lov does most everything himself, using "guitars, a cheap pink bass, a keyboard, some self-made instruments, a lot of raw vocal harmonies and a big hip-hop heart." He also designed the album's artwork, which you can see above.

The Child of Lov:

1. Call Me Up
2. Heal
3. One Day (ft. Damon Albarn)
4. Living The Circle
5. Give Me
6. Go With The Wind
7. Owl (ft. DOOM)
8. Fly
9. Warrior
10. Give It To The People