The Child of Lov "One Day" (ft. Damon Albarn) (video)

The Child of Lov 'One Day' (ft. Damon Albarn) (video)
While the Child of Lov (a.k.a. Belgium-born musician Cole Williams) sadly passed away late last year at the age of 26, a video has surfaced to support his self-titled album's "One Day."

A press release explains that director Christine Yuan had been commissioned to do the video shortly before Williams passed away. She had never met the Child of Lov and did not know of his illness, but was inspired by the moody tune's lyric: "Hold me until the morning. One day baby I got to die and I lie down."

As you'll see down below, the clip captures a young woman's late-night activities around the house, from making a midnight snack to arguing and embracing an unresponsive lover. You'll find the video for the track, which features guest vocals from Damon Albarn, down below.