Child Abuse Child Abuse

Hailing from the mean streets of Brooklyn, NY, Child Abuse are keeping the "fuck you” spirit of punk rock alive, actualising their very own genre defying, almost avant garde psychosis in nine episodes of capricious battery. Like the ever-threatening drunken dad, their first full-length will intimidate you with authoritarian violence and beat you into the corner with forceful blows to the head. Your cochlea will almost certainly suffer permanent damage but the ruptures and bleeding are all part of a lesson you want to be taught. Their remorseless attacks see them experimenting with bullying, moving through disorderly schizophrenic grinding, radical rock bombardments and rambunctious jazz-oriented breaks. The keyboards and general psychopathology are reminiscent of the Locust, but Child Abuse are more likely to test rock riffing while writing songs that are significantly longer. These tunes are disjointed yet somehow coherent, maintaining a sense of continuity with recurring spasms and semi-consistent rhythms while tossing the traditional aspects of composition down the stairs. Excuses aside, this self-titled debut is the black eye you want to show off. (Lovepump United)