Check Out Sights and Sounds on Exclaim! TV's Garageland

Check Out Sights and Sounds on Exclaim! TV's <i>Garageland</i>
All right, folks, summer is winding down. However, while today may be the last Monday in July, it's nothing to get upset about. Here at Exclaim!, we like to think of our "glass of summer" as half full rather than half empty, so, in keeping with our positive attitude, we have another set of streaming video interviews for you to enjoy at Exclaim! TV.

To get started, click here and see our latest episode of Garageland, where we catch up with great Canadian punk rock band Sights and Sounds to talk about sibling feuds, the cops and bands that may or may not be better than them. In other recent videos, click here to watch our hilarious interview with various bands on the Warped Tour, as they tell us what they really think of each other.

Want more Garageland? Head to our past videos, featuring Strung Out and Pour Habit, the Rural Alberta Advantage, Wax Mannequin and many more from our Exclaim! team. Happy watching!