Home Made Satan

BY Jenna MohammedPublished Sep 10, 2019

Chastity are back with their second studio album Home Made Satan; its raw and brutally honest lyrics come from the heart and will hit listeners hard. However, beyond that, there isn't much that is else that is revolutionary for Chastity.
Upon first listen, Home Made Satan is a rather jarring experience because of the lack of flow. The opening track, "Flames," starts abruptly, but its dreamy vibe makes its rough start forgivable. A highlight track is "Spirit Meetup," where Chastity vocalist Brandon Williams channels his inner Kurt Cobain vibes; the sluggish guitar and hypnotic drumming are very reminiscent of Nirvana. Williams chants "austerity in this country, austerity for those close to me" — the lyrical tone to the entire album is both political and personal, making the message relatable for fans.
Home Made Satan is an expansion from Chastity's debut, Death Lust, but it never really goes above and beyond what fans have heard before. What really saves this album are the outspoken and emotional lyrics. Perhaps this isn't a true testament to what they are capable of and is merely a stepping stone for what's to come next.
(Dine Alone)

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