Charlie Hunter Trio

Opera House, Toronto ON — October 30

BY Nilan PereraPublished Dec 1, 2004

I think we've all done this before. DJ Logic was responsible for one of the coolest, most musically advanced recordings of 2001 (Project Logic) and Bobby Previte has contributed some of the most creative moments I've ever heard on record, especially with Wayne Horvitz and Butch Morris (9 Below Zero and Todos Santos). Charlie Hunter is not an all time fave but he's given us some truly solid guitar moments with his soul jazz stuff. Put 'em together on stage and what did I get? Endless jam rock noodling! Logic kind of hung in the background, dropping some fairly interesting atmospheric samples, as the other two grinned at each other and did musician jam shit, but even when Logic did some scratching it was pretty uninspired. Previte was mostly doing bar band rock/soul grooves with some sort-of-interesting electronic hits, using some kind of stereo box, though, to be fair, his solos were atypical and creative. Hunter just soloed a lot and boringly, though he did have an interesting excursion on tambourine (no, I'm not kidding, he was really good!). In general, they'd start something, get going and then venture out of focus. They had one beautiful collective moment during the encore but it quickly evaporated into a bowl of noodles.

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