Charli XCX, the Go-Go's and More to Play Virtual Concert Celebrating 'Stranger Things 4' Premiere

"Live From the Upside Down" is happening June 23, between the first and second instalment of the new season

BY Kaelen BellPublished May 10, 2022

In possibly one of the weirder sentences you'll read today (though that's a tough hurdle to clear these days) Charli XCX, Soft Cell, Corey Hart and the Go-Go's will be performing at a Doritos-sponsored virtual concert for Stranger Things

"Live from the Upside Down" is being put on in celebration of the Netflix show's much-anticipated fourth season, and it'll be happening June 23, between the premiere of the season's first half (arriving May 27) and its second (arriving July 1).

The idea behind the concert is that a tour bus crashed (near Hawkins, of course) on its way to Doritos Music Fest '86, which is deemed "the greatest concert that never happened." The musicians on the bus then disappeared into the upside down, but Doritos, in its all-encompassing and mighty power, has opened a portal to allow the show to happen virtually. Alright!

Fans can get into the concert either by registering online or purchasing a bag of Doritos 3D. Golden tickets (why not toss some Wonka into the mix at this point) have also been hidden inside random Doritos bags, giving fans the chance to win a replica of a guitar that'll be appearing in the new season of Stranger Things.

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