Chadio & Aalo Guha Underestimated Raindrops

The latest collaboration from the Imaginations Treetrunk collective teams MC Chadio with their primary producer, Aalo Guha, who presents a darker, harder soundscape than usual for the middle two quarters of this four-piece concept album. Chadio has grouped the 16 songs into four different categories — optimism, anger, confusion and confidence — blending and giving each part a title. The album starts on a positive note with four pretty much upbeat songs for "Part I: Underestimated Raindrops” (optimism), especially attention-grabbing opener "Gone Fishin.” The samples and subject matter become darker for "Part II: Staggered Elation” (anger) and "Part III: Confusual Mysconceptions” (confusion), and sometimes even pick up the pace, like with "Overshine.” "Part III” also contains show stealing guest appearances from Cee!!!!!!!!, one of the most unique voices in Canadian hip-hop, on "Being Blind (Seeing Everything)” and DJ Moves, with his intimidating but funny don't-give-a-fuck raps, on "Racists.” Things smooth out on "Part IV: Anticorp” (confidence), where Chadio is joined by two of the West Coast’s most singing-ish rappers: Josh Martinez on "The Life & Times (Time of my Life)” and Kaboom on "End of the Beginning.” "Part IV” is comfortable territory for Imaginations Treetrunk but it’s the former three parts that make this album so enjoyable. (Imagination's Treetrunk)