Chad VanGaalen's 'Tarboz' Film Gets World Premiere at GIRAF Fest

Chad VanGaalen's 'Tarboz' Film Gets World Premiere at GIRAF Fest
A true renaissance man, Calgary musician and visual artist Chad VanGaalen continues to expand his reach. Earlier this year he teamed up with Dog Day's Seth Smith to freak out the squares on their techno album Seed of Dorzon, and now he's set to debut his long-awaited animated film Tarboz.

The 17-minute film will make its world premiere as part of the "Tales From Beyond" shorts package at the 11th annual edition of Calgary's GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation, which runs from November 26 to 29. The package also includes new works from Don Hertzfeldt, Joseph Bennett, Cerise Lopez and Agnès Patron.

In 2013, VanGaalen told Exclaim! that he'd already been working on the film for two years and that it was "slowly driving [him] insane." He added, "The movie's just been kicking my butt. I've been doing all of the voices; I've never written a script before so that was a giant pain in the ass."

GIRAF also includes a screening of the documentary The Magic Mountain, a retrrospective on the Quay brothers compiled by Christopher Nolan, an artist spotlight on Caleb Wood and plenty of other goodies for animation fans.

To find out more information, visit the festival's site here.