Chad VanGaalen Joins Animated Tribute to Women's Chris Reimer

Chad VanGaalen Joins Animated Tribute to Women's Chris Reimer
Following Women guitarist Chris Reimer's tragic death in 2012, Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society has been seeking animators for a 10-minute film called Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer. Now, the organizers have recruited a big-name artist for the project.

Among the animators who will be contributing to the planned non-narrative film is Chad VanGaalen. In addition to being a multitalented musician, VanGaalen is a talented animator. He's designed his own videos and album covers, in addition to creating clips for the likes of METZ and Mother Mother.

It's not too much of a surprise to learn that VanGaalen is involved in this tribute; after all, he produced both albums by Reimer's band Women. At the time of Reimer's death, he was working on an ambient album with VanGaalen that was posthumously released as The Chad Tape.

Quickdraw executive director Peter Hemminger said in a statement, "If you aren't familiar with Chad's work, I'd highly suggest you take a few minutes of your time to watch Chad's self-animated video for 'Peace on the Rise,' from his 2011 album Diaper Island. He's one of the most exciting independent animators in Canada, and I can't wait to see his contribution."

Watch the clip for "Peace on the Rise" below.

Dude, That's Insane will be based around two of Reimer's drawings, with animators creating a 20-second clip that uses one drawing as the opening frame and the other drawing as the closing frame. The deadline for interested artists to apply had been January 15, but this has been extended to January 29.

Learn more about the project, what it entails and how to apply right here.