CFCF Announces 'Outsiders' EP, Shares Two New B-Sides

CFCF Announces 'Outsiders' EP, Shares Two New B-Sides
Montreal soundscaper CFCF (a.k.a. Mike Silver) has announced that he has new EP on the way and, even better, we've got less than a week to wait until it's out. Outsiders will be released digitally on May 20 through Paper Bag Records.

The EP's title is a play on last year's Outside full-length. It consists of oddments of material related to that album, as there are four remixes, plus two new B-sides. One of the remixes comes courtesy of former Emeralds member Mark McGuire.

That's the album cover above an the tracklist below. Scroll past that to hear the new song "Windswept," which uses worldbeat-inflected percussion to anchor its synth-pop groove. John Roberts' robo remix of "Forest at Night" is also below.


1. Windswept
2. Jump Out of the Train (Road Chief Remix by Mark McGuire)
3. The Forest at Night (John Roberts Remix)
4. Transcend (Huerco S. Temple Remix)
5. Strange Form of Life (North Americans Remix)
6. Being With You