Ceschi The One Man Band Broke Up

For his latest record, rapper/singer/multi-instrumentalist Ceschi Ramos opts for an epic concept album that explores the struggles of morose musician, and protagonist, Julius. Songs like "No New York" perfectly capture the live show experience from the point of view of the performer, with talk of generic backstage graffiti and getting paid in bad food and beer ― a poor trade for musicians who, like Julius, don't drink. Ceschi also touches upon topics like the loss of youthful ideals and innocence ("Lament For Captain Julius"), signing and selling out ("Long Live the Short Lived") and, as the album title suggests, ultimately failure ("Julius' Final Song"). Ceschi's constant lyrical movement flows through traditional rap to double-time raps to melodic singing, keeping things fresh and interesting throughout, and guest appearances from Anticon anti-hero Sole, Shapeshifter Tommy V, Shoskin, Mic King and brother David Ramos certainly don't hurt. The music ― a mellow, melancholy mix of live instruments and samples produced by Equinox Records head DJ Scientist ― is the perfect accompaniment for Ceschi's vocal style and the sombre story. The One Man Broke Up is an ambitious effort, but Ceschi succeeds in telling his story with great detail and atmosphere. (Fake Four Inc.)