Ceremony "Your Life in France" (Liberation remix)

Ceremony 'Your Life in France' (Liberation remix)
After steering themselves into chilly post-punk waters with their new The L-Shaped Man, Ceremony have now let electronic artist Liberation (a.k.a. David West) take the wheel via a remix of the record's "Your Life in France." You'll find this latest sonic journey down below.

While the album version finds the Bay Area hardcore graduates exploring a Joy Division-leaning motif, Liberation frees up the arrangement with an extra-spacious set of sounds. The driving beat has been scrubbed out in favour of atmospheric ticks and speaker-panning throbs of sound, while the melody is fractured into a series of jagged, broken-mirror blips. The vocals have been manipulated into becoming dense and muffled loops.

You'll find the redo down below.

Ceremony's North American tour schedule lands them in Montreal and Toronto in early July. You'll find the details of their itinerary over here.