Cephalic Carnage Exploiting Dysfunction

Just when you thought heavy music had reached the pinnacle of extremities, here comes another band pushing the envelope. Denver, CO-based Cephalic Carnage, with only one previous release (on Italian Headfucker label), have made one of the craziest records in a long time with their North American debut, Exploiting Dysfunction. Like their Relapse label-mates in the Dillinger Escape Plan, the lads in Cephalic are a bit more advanced than your average grindcore band. The band is obviously as well versed in death metal as they are in grind and manage to throw in little jazz bits into their musical equations. The band is also quite pro-pot and quite a bit of the subject matter discussed in the songs ("Hybrid," "Invertus Indica" and "Eradicate Authority") is directed towards their hessian crusades. Which makes sense anyway, because this record really smokes. (Relapse)