The Cave Singers Return with 'Banshee' LP

The Cave Singers Return with 'Banshee' LP
Seattle indie-folk unit the Cave Singers are charting their own course in 2016, having just announced that they'll be issuing a new LP on their own. Titled Banshee, the band self-release their fifth full-length album on February 19.

A press release notes that following working relationships with the Matador and Jagjaguwar imprints, Cave Singers opted to go with a DIY approach this time around. They did, however, raise funds to issue the release via a successful Indiegogo campaign. They collected over $23,000 US through the crowd sourcing site, which they "used directly to record, mix, master, and finally manufacture the album."

The album was tracked last July with producer Randall Dunn, who had also sat behind the boards for the group's 2011 effort, No Witch. The six-day session is said to have yielded 10 tracks that are "warmly anchored in the members' creative familiarity with one another."

While 2013's Naomi found Blood Brothers/Fleet Foxes member Morgan Henderson entering the lineup, Banshee has scaled the band back down to the original trio of guitarist Derek Fudesco, vocalist Peter Quirk and drummer/guitarist Marty Lund.

Though sound samples have yet to go live, you'll find the Banshee tracklisting down below and the emerald-tinted cover art up above.

As previously reported, Fudesco recently released the self-titled debut album from Kodiak Deathbeds, his project with Black Mountain vocalist Amber Webber. The press release likewise notes that Quirk has been working on a solo album.


1. That's Why
2. Lost in the Tide
3. Southern Bell
4. Who's Well
5. Strip Mine
6. Cool Criminal
7. The Swimmer
8. Fade Away
9. Christmas Night
10. Light in the House