Cave In's Planets of Old Gets Expanded CD/DVD Release

Cave In's <i>Planets of Old</i> Gets Expanded CD/DVD Release
Back in May, we got pretty excited about Planets of Old, the first new release from post-hardcore savants Cave In after their lengthy hiatus. The vinyl-only EP finally dropped in September, but fortunately for those of you who slept on its initial release, it will be getting reissued this January.

In an official press release from Hydra Head, the label revealed that it plans to reissue Planets of Old as a deluxe CD set. As the label explains, "Cave In wound up with some real buttery footage of the band's reemergence in Allston, Mass, HHR was alerted to the fact that alternative versions to some of the tracks on the 12" existed, and then of course the rationalization that maybe people will still buy a CD if said CD is packaged with a DVD. Downloading videos through rapidshare still takes just a little too long, you know what I mean, and, yeah, we're gonna try and capitalize on that a bit."

Based on those statements, it's safe to assume that at least some of the material on the CD will be slightly different than that on the LP. If that's the case, those of you who dished out for the limited vinyl can rest assured that it was worth your efforts.

The CD/DVD of Planets of Old is due on January 26.

Planets of Old:


1. "Cayman Tongue"

2. "Retina Sees Rewind"

3. "The Redtrail"

4. "Air Escapes"


1. "Luminance"

2. "Retina Sees Rewind"

3. "Moral Eclipse"

4. "Juggernaut"

5. "Dark Driving"

6. "The Red Trail"

7. "Cayman Tongue"

8. "Trepanning"

9. "Air Escapes"

1. "Summit Fever"

11. "Vicious Circles"

12. "Big Riff"

13. "Inflatable Dream"