Cave In Reveal White Silence LP

Cave In Reveal <i>White Silence</i> LP
In 2009, Cave In ended a lengthy hiatus with the release of their excellent Planets of Old EP. In 2010, the group issued an expanded version of the EP and a collection of rarities called Anomalies Vol. 1. This year, they will top all of those releases when they put out White Silence, their first new album since 2005's Perfect Pitch Black.

The record will be available from Hydra Head on May 24. The label described the record in an ecstatic statement, writing, "White Silence has an energy and a balance that feels like the work of seasoned vets, consummate professionals that have, with great heart, focus and authenticity, honed their songwriting ability in ways we feel fortunate to have witnessed first hand."

The tracklisting for White Silence is available below and the cover is above, while samples of all of the tracks can be streamed here.

White Silence:

1. "White Silence"
2. "Serpents"
3. "Sing My Loves"
4. "Vicious Circles"
5. "Centered"
6. "Summit Fever"
7. "Heartbreaks, Earthquakes"
8. "Iron Decibels"
9. "Reanimation"