Caustic Wound Burst Out of the Gate on Debut 'Death Posture'

BY Brayden TurennePublished Apr 14, 2020

Like a gibbering psychopath with an intent to harm, freshly formed Caustic Wound have finally been let loose with their debut full-length. Death Posture reflects different, yet still unflinchingly hateful aspects of members from Mortiferum, Fetid and Cerebral Rot as they take their zombified riffs and gruesome tendencies and translate them into grindcore. 

To help in this endeavor and cement the legitimacy of its impact, Magrudergrind drummer Casey Moore lends his exhaustive blasting proficiency to the band's arsenal, as Mortiferum's guitarists abandon death doom's lumbering weight for a hyperspeed evisceration like that of Napalm Death

But Caustic Wound never fully remove themselves of their OSDM roots. That connection is largely maintained thanks to Fetid/Cerebral Rot's Clyle Lindstrom, who takes on vocal duties in a fashion that feel somehow even more slobbering and depraved than his other bands, and call to mind the vocal personalities of a band like Undergang. But there are moments where song structures and riffs feel just as devoted to Autopsy as they do Repulsion.

But aside from Lindstrom's overtly death metal approach to vocals, Death Posture feels like a meat and potatoes grindcore album, for better or worse. The title track opener and "Visions of Torture" show the band's promise in their ability to lay down exceedingly antagonistic songs that come and go at a brisk pace, but between the several tracks that stand out, there exists a swath that feel uniform. Thankfully, being a grindcore album, Death Posture is never boring and is a swift listen all the way through, which saves it from becoming stale.
(Profound Lore)

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