Catherine The Naturals

With Kris Crummet’s (Drop Dead, Gorgeous and Fear Before the March of Flames) producing capabilities, it’s unfortunate Catherine’s latest album, The Naturals, fails to complement his work just a shade more. Though the first four or five of the ten licks could easily satiate what a metallic hardcore fan might be looking for in an album, the last few tracks blend into one another with little to no surprises or finesse to decorate the band’s obviously perfected, yet typical, sound. Luckily, the album does have a couple standout goodies, such as "Light Brite” and "Let’s Pretend Like it’s 1910,” which feature the kind of breakdowns that could spread an ear to ear smile across any hardcore kid’s face. It also demonstrates the band’s ability to rough you up without having to overdose on chaotic guitar or drum work. The Naturals does show a bit of promise for Catherine however. Here’s hoping their next album will be a little more interesting. (Rise)