Cat Power "Anthem"

Cat Power 'Anthem'
Cat Power has been lending her talents to various projects as of late. She sang a song on the Adult Swim cartoon China, IL, took part in a tribute for classic California music, and now she has performed a new tune called "Anthem" for a short documentary called Skateboarding in Pine Ridge.

Directed by Greg Hunt, the film is about skateparks on a reservation in South Dakota, where the youth's passion for skateboarding is helping to counteract the community's unusually high teen suicide rate. About 12:18 into the 17-minute film, we hear a reverent ballad sung by Cat Power.

Beyond that, the score was composed by David Pajo of Slint (and Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many other bands), whose contributions consist of sweetly interlocking guitars and atmospheric post-rock soundscapes.

Check out the Levi's-produced film below. There's a quick cameo from Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam.