Cast Return with First Album in a Decade

Cast Return with First Album in a Decade
Fans of classic Britpop who are still mourning the breakup of Oasis will doubtless be thrilled to learn that Cast have announced the release plans for their first LP in a decade. Entitled Troubled Times, the album is due to arrive on February 20 in the UK.

The album was recorded with the reunited lineup of frontman John Power, guitarist Liam "Skin" Tyson, bassist Pete Wilkinson and drummer Keith O'Neill -- the same players who recorded the band's previous four LPs. This latest album was produced by John Leckie, who helmed the band's first two albums way back in the '90s. His other credits include Radiohead's The Bends and the Stone Roses' self-titled debut.

Power, who also played in the La's, said this of the reunion: "Getting back with the band and working with John Leckie again after all these years apart was just how I envisioned it when I started writing the songs for this album. Then it was all about putting into words what it was I was feeling, about all the things I was seeing all around me and troubled times is what we found."

When Troubled Times arrives, it will mark Cast's first album since 2001's Beetroot, which was a flop compared to the band's previous releases. See the Troubled Times tracklist below and the cover above. The album was funded through PledgeMusic.

Troubled Times:

1. "Bow Down"
2. "Troubled Thoughts"
3. "The Sky's Got a Gaping Hole"
4. "See That Girl"
5. "Not Afraid of the World"
6. "Silver and Gold"
7. "Bad Waters"
8. "Hold on Tight"
9. "About a Girl"
10. "Brother Fighting Brother"
11. "Time Bomb"
12. "Tear It Apart (All Over Again)"