Cassandra Wilson Another Country

Grammy-winning vocalist Cassandra Wilson has always been an elusive butterfly, stylistically speaking. She first made a mark in the avant-garde jazz scene as a founding member of the famed M-Base collective, prior to breaking big in the '90s as a sensual-voiced solo artist. There's certainly nothing avant-garde about Another Country, but it's an accomplished, sweetly melodic work. Wilson shines brightest as an interpreter, but the best numbers on Another Country (the languid and lovely "Red Guitar" and "No More Blues") show her talent as a songwriter. Co-producer Fabrizio Sotti contributes fluent acoustic guitar that frames Wilson's vocals nicely, and he also composed two pleasant, guitar-led instrumentals: "Deep Blue" and "Letting You Go." The album was recorded in Florence, and a mellow Mediterranean vibe permeates the record. This may not be the most memorable of Wilson's recordings, but it should suit a summer patio party delightfully. (eOne)