Cass McCombs "Unearthed" (video)

Cass McCombs 'Unearthed' (video)
Rustic tunesmith Cass McCombs is past the halfway point of his plan to release four music videos behind his recent Big Wheel and Others LP this month, with the third entry having just arrived. This one's an ultra-minimalist, mountain-set clip for "Unearthed."

You may want to give this one time to unfold, as the first minute or so is a relatively static shot of a peak, though eventually the video gives the focus to a distressed and stranded mountaineer. To the tender pluck and moan of McCombs' latest single, we get to ponder the frostbitten adventurer's plight.

You can find out his fate by giving the video a play down below.

Unearthed by Cass McCombs from Eric Fensler on Vimeo.