Cass McCombs "Name Written in Water" (NSFW video)

Cass McCombs 'Name Written in Water' (NSFW video)
Do not let the cutesy porcine cartoon portrait up above fool you, Cass McCombs's new video for Big Wheel and Others' "Name Written in Water" is ultimately a gruesome expose on slaughterhouse conditions.

Scored by a low-key folk-rock clack and McCombs's pensive, Hamlet-indebted musings on life and death, the video presents a number of scenes of pigs being hit with sledgehammers, sliced up and processed as meat products by butchers, as well as living in cramped farm conditions. No matter your dietary stance, filmmaker Jeffrey Peixoto's clip is a stark and heavy watch.

Be warned that it gets a little graphic, but you can see the food industry-analyzing video down below.

Cass McCombs - "Name Written In Water" from Hector Savage on Vimeo.