Casper Skulls Share New Single "Tommy"

It's the second offering from the Toronto band's upcoming sophomore record

BY Kaelen BellPublished Sep 15, 2021

Toronto's Casper Skulls have released "Tommy," the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album Knows No Kindness, out November 12 on Next Door Records

In a statement, singer/guitarist Melanie St-Pierre explained that "Tommy" is "about a neighbour that Neil [Bednis] and I had when we lived on Caledonia St. in Toronto. He was an older British man and we would exchange pleasantries sometimes, but I never learned his real name."

St-Pierre elaborated: 

Items started mysteriously appearing in the bus shelter in front of his house. Thoughtful, curious, or useful things seemed to be planted there to bring people joy. It began happening more frequently and eventually I saw him placing something in there. I had this odd connection to him like I might be one of the only people who knew it was him doing this, which inspired me to write a song about him. Knowing next to nothing about him, I decided to make up an entire life story. Maybe he immigrated to Toronto a long time ago and perhaps met his wife here and had kids? Perhaps she passed away not long ago due to an illness? Who knows. The song is driven by mystery. The same sort of mystery he gave me.

The band's latest offering — which you can hear below — follows the record's first single "Thesis." Knows No Kindness is the follow-up to 2017's Mercy Works

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